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Perfect Smile Snap-on Braces

Each person on this planet owns a different set of teeth, that is why we will introduce you to a product that can give that ideal smile to every person, regardless what kind of teeth they have.

Introducing the Perfect SmileSnap On Braces.

Perfect Smile Snap-On Braces is a non-invasive removable veneer that will give you the perfect smile, white teeth without the trip to the dentist. It is designed to look like a natural set of teeth. It is completely tooth-borne so adhesive is not a requirement. It covers out the missing, crooked, chipped, or stained teeth providing a bright and perfect smile.


✅Easy to use and clean

Simply run under some water and brush using a toothbrush to get all the bacteria out.


Keep inside the cover when not using, can be reused every day.


Fits into the mold of your teeth so no discomfort.

Micro Thin Polypropylene

Made of Micro-Thin Polypropylene that is super comfortable


It is safe to use and won’t harm your teeth, gums, or mouth. HOW TO USE:


  • Type: Upper Teeth/ Lower Teeth/ Upper & Lower Teeth.
  • Material: Environment-friendly soft silicone porcelain.
  • Box Size: 9x9x2 cm.
  • Weight: 38g/ 1 Pcs.
  • Color: White.

新款仿真牙套_23.jpg PACKAGE INCLUDE:

1 x Perfect Smile Snap-On Braces


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