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Pelvic Repair Multifunctional Leg Clip

Do you want to strengthen your core and achieve a toned body? Look no further than the Pelvic Repair Multifunctional Leg Clip!

This incredible device helps you work out your arms, legs, back, hip, and core muscles with comprehensive fitness exercises. It comes with seven levels of resistance also can be used for muscle relaxation. With this product, you can easily exercise at home and get the body you’ve always wanted!

Benefits of the Pelvic Repair Multifunctional Leg Clip:

  • Applicable people: This glute trainer is recommended for women working in sedentary jobs or women who want to reshape their buttocks. It tightens also tones, giving you a younger and more beautiful appearance. Embrace the benefits and start your fitness journey with the Pelvic Repair Multifunctional Leg Clip.
  • Multi-Training Tool: This calf master tones thighs, arms, chest, back, and buttocks with ease. Suitable for all fitness levels, it offers diverse exercises for different body parts.
  • Ideal Buttock Shaper: Targeting the buttocks, this trainer is perfect for new moms, sedentary workers, and those seeking to shape also lift their buttocks. Tailored to women’s needs with 7kg pressure upgrade.
  • Powerful function: This thigh workout tool not only lifts hips and tones legs but also helps repair pelvic floor muscles. Get ready to achieve peachy buttocks also strengthen your pelvic floor with this powerful device.
  • Quick results: With just one minute of daily use, you can attain beautiful buttocks. In just seven days, you’ll experience firmer pelvic floor muscles, also within four weeks, your sedentary posture will transform. Get ready for impressive results in no time.
  • Good experience: The ergonomic design of this clip ensures a comfortable also effective workout. Its streamlined design conforms to ergonomics, while the minimal texture provides a non-slip effect, enhancing your overall experience.
  • Cross-arm design: No more worries about obstructing unwanted fat. The adjustable back knob allows you to change the angle of the main body, making it convenient to exercise in different positions. Enjoy a versatile also effective workout without any hindrances.


  • Material: PP+ TPE+ Spring.
  • Color: Purple, Pink, Green.
  • Size: 12.2*5.9inch (31*15cm) Approx.


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