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Outdoor Solar Flame Torch Lights – Solar Torch Lights with Flickering...

To add a cozy and dreamy vibe to your space, try a modern take on classic lights. With these solar torch lights, you can illuminate your pathway or lawn space.

These outdoor torches cast a magical glow in the darkness, making them appear expensive and luxurious. These solar lights in the shape of flames produce a safe, soft, mode-enhancing, and realistic flame effect.

If you like elegant hardscape lighting and want to have a house exterior that your guests and neighbors will admire, these solar fire lights are perfect for you.

They are also water-resistant and have a charming combination of beauty and safety, making them ideal for use in your lawns, garage, or driveway.


  • Solar charging: The top of these Solar flame light torches has a charging pad. They charge during the day by absorbing light energy from the sun and turn on automatically when night falls. There is no longer any need to manually turn on the lights.
  • Advanced circuitry: The circuit incorporates modern, high-quality components that efficiently control the LED light strips to produce a natural dancing, flame effect.
  • They deliver the exact effect of a flame torch with warm yellow light (natural-looking dancing flames) protected by a beautiful frame. And, in a more secure manner, there is no risk of a pet or child catching fire with these.
  • Waterproof: Because these torch solar lights are brand new, they can withstand any weather condition. They will continue to deliver the flame light even if it rains or if it snows.
  • Mounting options: The solar flame torch lights come with three different mounting options. Attach the torch to the ground using a ground spike or a ground base, or to the wall using the elbow head.


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