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Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Do you get frequent hip bone pain after sitting on a wooden chair for long hours? Then get this Orthopaedic seat cushion which is an ultimate life saver for orthopedic patients. Sitting long hours will not be tiring anymore because this can be fixed on any seat or chair and hence save you from sitting with bad posture.

So, you will get lesser back pain and an active lifestyle. Moreover, it is made up of a thick cushion, giving support to your back and hip bone with an added comfort. Get this most reliable and unique Orthopaedic seat cushion to solve all your backache problems.

Key Benefits 

  • Perfectly designed orthopedic seat cushion 
  • Very easy to fix on any ordinary seat.
  • It provides relief in back pain and muscle straining.
  • Improvise the sitting posture.
  • Gives long-lasting comfort that doesn’t require a posture change while sitting.

Key Features

  • Super comfortable and unique design Orthopaedic seat cushion
  • Available in 4 different colors to match your work or home environment.
  • Size 18×18 inches 45×45 cm (approx.) 
  • Nonslip side straps to fit on any chair.
  • Specially fabricated for orthopedic patients.


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