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Mini Pocket Sax

Appearance!!! This portable mini Pocket Sax is a great gift, ideal for music lovers or especially for saxophonists. Portable and compact, much easier to carry than saxophone and clarinet.

The saxophone sound is somewhere between the clarinet and the saxophone.

It has a rather rich and deep sound and was designed to be played at any time, regardless of place or time of day.

An experienced player will find that the pocket saxophone is a practical tool to take with you, and beginners find it easy to play and it is fun to practice without any difficulty

The pocket saxophone has no key work to wait for and is so simple that anyone can play although you have never played saxophone or clarinet before.

The playability and portability of the pocket saxophone make it easy for children and adults to get better.

With an old mouthpiece, easy to play and its sound comes close to a real saxophone.


  • Mini size and easy to wear.
  • Made of solid ABS, can be used for a long time.
  • Can control the entire musical instrument in one hour
  • STAGE STANDARD- suitable for stage design.


  • Size: 400 *30 mm
  • Colors: black, white, purple, grey, green


  • 1 *Mini Pocket Sax
  • 1 *Flannel storage bag
  • 1 *Reed Cover
  • 1 *Finger Tables



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