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Lava Dragon Egg

A lovely and one-of-a-kind Lava Dragon Egg keepsake for enthusiasts of any mythical world with dragons. Additionally, The dragon baby in the egg is crafted of polymer clay and is napping in epoxy resin in this entirely handcrafted sculpture. Above all, Every element of this egg is crafted with exceptional care and attention to every detail.

An adorable dragon in a crystal clear seems like a magical, supernatural creature. You may keep it in your backpack for good luck or play with it to unwind and overcome stress. You may place it at your workstation or near your desktop computer.

Benefits of Lava Dragon Egg

  • Perfect Décor: A mighty lava dragon, created by a craftsman, will emerge from its egg on this planet. Although, this appears convincing enough to captivate your event guests or buddies!
  • The Ideal Present: Lava Dragon Egg Perfect gift for dragon lovers. Whether your loved one is an enthusiast of How to Train Your Dragon or The Hobbit, in addition, you may surprise them with the ideal tiny dragon for their birthday.
  • High-quality Material: It is made of high-quality resin; above all it is a gem and absolutely clear, extremely durable, and convenient to handle.
  • Glow your Place: This piece of décor will brighten the vibes of your space and add a glow of being a dragon aficionado to show off to your visitors.


  • Height: 3.1 inches
  • Width: 2.2 inches
  • Depth: 2.2 inches
  • Material : epoxy resin


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