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Original Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper | Door Bottom Sealing Strip

Door gaskets are add-ons that enclose the gaps at the bottom of the door. You may use them to close up undesired bottom vents in all doors. When the doors are pivoted, a space from the floor slab is created for simple sliding of the door. To seal these gaps without interfering with the operation of the door, we install a door bottom seal strip stopper.

The fabric sleeve of the door bottom sealing strip holds the foam cylinder on both sides of the entrance. Moreover, it slides effortlessly across all floor surfaces when you push it. These door bottom seal strip also serve as door stoppers.

Benefits Of Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper

  • Gets rid of cockroaches: Use a door bottom seal strip to prevent cockroaches and insects out of the bottom of the door.
  • To keep your place warm, restrict the breeze or cold air from entering the room.
  • Avoid any additional lights: Limit the amount of light entering the building by the door bottom seal strip stopper.
  • Prevents Sounds: The door bottom seal strip stopper helps to reduce sound from the next room to some extent.
  • To avoid energy waste: To reduce the energy wasted by air-conditioned rooms.


  • 37.5 inches (95 cm) in length


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