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Black Obsidian Bracelet

Looking for a powerful crystal that can bring wealth, positivity, and balance into your life? Look no further than our Black Obsidian Bracelet.

Made from volcanic glass, this natural stone is known for its ability to strengthen your inner self and ward off negative energy. It resonates with the root chakra, helping you to ground yourself and connect with the Earth.

Benefits of the Black Obsidian Bracelet :

  • Powerful protection against negative energy
  • Aids in grounding and connecting with the Earth
  • Can help bring buried issues to the surface for healing
  • Resonates with the root chakra for balance and stability
  • Acts as a mirror to your inner self, helping you to confront and overcome shadow traits


  • Made from natural volcanic glass
  • Resonates with the root chakra
  • Can be worn as a bracelet or used for meditation


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