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One Press Cevapcici Sausage Maker for Making 7 Sausages

Fill it to capacity and pressurize it to produce 7 sausages at once. perfect for making more at a time. Cleaning up is also a breeze attributable to this efficient one-press cevapcici maker’s reduction of contact and accumulation of dirt on your desk. This is safer and gentler, carefully crafted from components of food grade.

Benefits of One Press Cevapcici Sausage Maker for Making 7 Sausages:

  • you can use this one press cevapcici maker to make meatballs, sausages, and hot dogs. With your family, you may enjoy the thrill of making your own hot dogs and sausages.
  • Put the prepared meat into the machine, then squeeze it out. That’s all there is to the process. It can make 7 sausages at a time.
  • You can use it with confidence because it is made of high-grade ABS plastic that is safe for food. Seven sausages are produced by one press. Make large batches in a flash!
  • Simply put one press sausage maker in the dishwasher or clean them by hand; this saves time and work and makes them a need for the household.
  • The non-sticky surface of the One press cevapcici maker makes it simple to remove the sausage from the mold while preserving its ideal shape.


  • Material: Food grade PP
  • Color : orange
  • Size:  4.7 x 3.6 x 3.1 inches (12 x 9.2 x 8 cm) approx.


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