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Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

How many times has it happened that your cat went to take a dump in its litter box, and on the way back, the particles got stuck on its feet and scrambled on the floor? If this is something that has been bothering you for a long time, then we have got it covered. The Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat is just what you need.

This Litter Mat will not only capture all the particles that stick to your cat’s paw but as a result will also allow you to put them back into the litter box. Want to know some of its other benefits? Hop on below.

Benefits of Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

It is non-slipping: True to its name, the mat has a non-slipping effect. The adhesive sides let it stay where you kept it, even with your cat crossing over it multiple times a day.

It is easy to deploy and maintain: you can easily maintain it. All you have to do is fold the mat and release the litter back into the box.

The Mat is Waterproof: If your cat urinates on the mat, it will not let it pass on the floor. The mat is waterproof based. Hence, all liquid components stay on it. However, you can easily wash it.

It won’t leave any odor behind: The Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat doesn’t hold any odor. So, once cleaned, it will be back to new.


  • Made from EVA material
  • The color of the mat is black
  • Available in many sizes


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