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Natural Wood Kaleidoscope Kit | DIY Handmade Wooden Kaleidoscope Kit for Kids...

Are you looking for a fun and interactive toy for your little ones? Look no further than this natural wood kaleidoscope kit! It’s a DIY handmade wooden kaleidoscope kit that you and your kids can make together.

The DIY handmade wooden kaleidoscope kit is easy to assemble and all the parts and accessories you need are provided in the package. Also, it is made with a wooden frame, it uses petals, flowers, and leaves for the viewing frame. Moreover it’s educational, child-friendly, and an engaging activity for your kids!

Benefits of the natural wood kaleidoscope kit:

  • it’s a DIY Handmade Wooden Kaleidoscope, so it is more entertaining
  • It’s a unique natural kaleidoscope kit made with a wooden frame, also it uses flowers, petals, and leaves on the viewing frame
  • Easy to Assemble: Child-friendly and easy to assemble
  • All the parts and accessories needed to create this kaleidoscope are provided in the package
  • Educational: Fun, interactive, and engaging toy for your little ones
  • Perfect gift for your intelligent kid


  • Material: Wood.
  • Size: 8.26×4.33inches (21 x 11cm) Approx.


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