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Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream

Do you desire a flawless foundation makeup look at any anytime? The Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream’s gives a beautiful, smooth foundation with covering effects! This clings around the skin gently for a beautifully velvety, luscious finish.

A moisture-based makeup delivers incredible smoothness while producing minor discomfort. The new formulation’s hydrating properties keep the skin hydrated and relaxed during the day.

Benefits of Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream

  • Availbe in 3 colors : 01# IVORY Suitable for those who are looking for white makeup, 02# NATURAL Suitable for you who pursue natural nude makeup, 03# DARK BROWN Suitable for you with dull skin.
  • Minimal Water Usage: The minimal moisture content of  CC Cream prevents the use of an excess quantity of CC cream. Excellent for blending, removing flaws, and softening out CC.
  • Head of Elastic Sponge: The foundation is as smooth as the skin, and the sponge head stretches and softens as it hits the water. It is suggested that you wash it once or twice before using it. Yes, and the makeup will be much more skin-friendly and fitted.
  • Flawless Effects: ThisCC Cream covers acne, black spots, and sunburn while also evening out skin tone for a gorgeous, natural, and luminous image.


  • The item has a creamy texture.
  •  CC Cream is for all skin types


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