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Moss Bunnies | 2 Pcs Easter Bunny Moss Bunny Decor

Are you looking for something special to decorate your home for Easter? Look no further than these Moss Bunnies, 2 Pcs Easter Bunny Moss Bunny Decor!

These two pieces of Easter Bunny Moss Bunny Decor are perfect for adding a touch of Easter cheer to your home. They are made of foam and come in a green rabbit color. The Easter Bunny, Green Rabbit, Happy Easter, Easter Ornaments, Easter Décor, and Party Supplies features make this a must-have for your home.

Benefits of the Moss Bunnies:

  • The 2 Pcs Easter Bunny Moss Bunny Decor offers a unique and creative Easter decoration for your home. Unlike the usual candy-colored Easter Bunnies, these moss-green colored bunnies bring a refreshing natural aesthetic to your space.
  • Each bunny features a moss-like cover that gives it a grassy look, adding a touch of nature to your Easter decor. The earthy tones and textures of the moss create a visually appealing and organic feel.
  • These Bunnies are just the right size for display, making them perfect for various areas in your home. Whether it’s your desk, shelves, console table, or any other spot, these bunnies can easily enhance the Easter ambiance.
  • These Bunnies can be enjoyed not only during Easter but also beyond the holiday. Their timeless and nature-inspired design allows you to keep them as a decorative accent even after Easter has passed, adding a touch of charm to your space throughout the year.
  • In addition to being a delightful Easter decoration, the Bunnies also make a thoughtful gift for friends, family, or Easter enthusiasts. Their unique and creative design is sure to bring joy and a sense of nature to anyone’s home.


  • Material: Artificial Moss and Plush.
  • Size: 8.27*4.33inch (21*11cm) Approx.
  • Color: Green.


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