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Mist Cooling Automatic Irrigation System | Fog Cooled Semi Automatic Irrigation...

Have you been looking for a reliable and efficient way to water your garden?  Look no further than the Mist Cooling Automatic Irrigation System!

This Fog Cooled Semi Automatic Irrigation System is designed to make gardening easier and more efficient. It features a mist cooling system that prevents water loss due to evaporation, an automatic timer for convenience, and a water saving mode for environmental friendliness.

Benefits of the Mist Cooling Automatic Irrigation System:

  • Mist Cooling System: This system uses a mist cooling system to prevent water loss due to evaporation.
  • Automatic Timer: The system features an automatic timer that allows you to set a specific time for watering.
  • Water Saving Mode: The system also features a water saving mode that helps conserve water.

Specifications of the Fog Cooled Semi Automatic Irrigation System :

  • Material: ABS .
  • Package including : Hose , Faucet Connector Accessory , Faucet, Tee Joint , Adjustable Dripper , Fixed Stem .


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