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Magical Tracing Workbook

The toddler phase is all about discovery and creating new things. Most parents love to leave toddlers on their own to unleash their creativity. Toddlers draw things on walls. You cannot stop your toddler from learning new things. This Magical Tracing Workbook is a perfect alternative.

This gadget is erasable and is perfect for keeping their hands off the wall. Your kids can learn something productive with this. It is a 64-page workbook that can prepare them for kindergarten.

Benefits Of Magical Tracing Workbook

  • Reusable: As you can wipe the ink after tracing, you don’t have to buy too many workbooks to make your child learn stuff.
  • 64-page activity: It can nurture your child’s skills by giving it various engaging activities like tracing shapes, matching numbers with pictures, and more.
  • Enhances skills: It improves the drawing skills of kids.
  • Magical: This magical tracing workbook is magical. Just wipe off the ink using the duster and reuse it countless times.
  • Makes learning fun:  by doing these activities, they’ll automatically be interested in learning more about kindergarten.
  • Affordable: It only costs a few bucks to create a fun learning environment for your child.


  • Material: cardboard and waterproof pages.
  • Duster and marker included


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