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Magic Window Cleaning Brush | Window Groove Cleaning Brush Set Magic Window...

Are you using old toothbrushes to clean narrow spaces, including window tracks? It’s time to get rid of them because cleaning window grooves and corners is much more convenient with the Magic Window Cleaning Brush! This brush is super effective in clearing out each dirt particle and ensuring cleanliness.

Not only this, this multipurpose Cleaning Brush has lots of other features too. Let’s have a look at them!

Benefits of Magic Window Cleaning Brush

  • Magic Window Cleaning Brush ensures effortless cleaning of narrow areas.
  • It’s easy grip, lightweight, and minimal size make it perfect for cleaning window blinds and panels, indoor unit blinds of AC, and panel edges.
  • This window groove cleaning brush is durable enough to be used for both household and commercial cleaning purposes.
  • The microfiber scouring pad of this magic window brush can be easily removed for washing.
  • It’s indeed your best buddy for dusting off all the dirt. What are you waiting for? Get your  Window Cleaning Brush now!


  • Made of high-quality PP material and microfiber cloth
  • Has scouring brush head
  • Available in green, gray, beige


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