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Magic Water Elf

Children can fulfill their dreams of the ocean with the aid of the DIY Magic Water Elf. In addition, it can foster children’s imagination and creativity while helping them exercise their hands, eyes, and brain.

Children may learn about easy children’s chemical experiments while having fun. You can motivate them to embrace the thrill of making things with their own hands. Children can construct their unique, colorful aquatic environment with Magic Water Elf.

Benefits Of Magic Water ELF:

  • Fun Exercise: It can improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, focus, and practical abilities.
  • Developing skills: It can be a wonderful way for kids to use their imagination and creativity, giving them a fun activity to develop their practical skills, explore their creativity, express their feelings, and sharpen their artistic abilities.
  • Environmentally  Above all, friendly material: Natural sodium alginate resin, which is non-toxic and environmentally beneficial, is used to make this durable product.
  • High quality of the product: You and your child can play more confidently because of the item’s high elasticity and good hardness, making it safe and not damaging your hands.
  • Bright colors: It is an engaging activity for kids of all ages that is amusing.
  • Creativity: It is a complete DIY bead set with all the necessary tools for play, allowing one to feel free to use the toy to express creativity.


  • Carton Size: 46 x 30 x 31 cm (18 x 11 x 12 inches) approx.
  • Number of sets: 4 colours + 6 moulds


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