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Magic Prism Cube

The CMY Cube is the most curious and utterly magnificent sensory toy you will ever own.

Fascinated by science? Completely captivated by colour? The CMY Cube will excite your curiosity, expand your imagination, and feed your sense of wonder.

Colour your world with light & experience the interstellar beauty of what lies beyond our perception of reality.

  • 【Enjoy the light from all angles! 】Optical Prism Cubes are cubes made of multi-colored glass panels that control light through light refraction, creating kaleidoscope-like patterns. With its beautiful and unique design, you can enjoy various colors from different angles even if you are in the same place.
  • 【Premium, Lasting Quality】All sides of the cube refract light for more color combinations. The glass panels are fade-resistant and scratch-resistant, ensuring maximum use for years to come.
  • 【Pocket-sized entertainment】With its very small design, you can carry the cube with you or even put it in your pocket. Take it out and let it exude a pleasing visual entertainment that everyone will love and fascinate.
  • 【Instant Photo Filters】It is a great addition to your photography accessories to make your photos unique without any post-editing magic. Say goodbye to your favorite filters!
  • 【Desktop Decoration】Any surface of the multi-dimensional cube or a beautiful decoration on the table can bring entertainment and fun to children and adults.


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