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Magic Hangers Closet Space Saving | Multi Hanger Space Saver

Do you have a small closet that you can never seem to keep organized? If so, we have the perfect solution for you! The magic hangers closet space saving is a space-saving hanger that can be used to hang clothes, panties, and socks also.

This multi hanger space saver is made of ABS material and features a porous design that allows clothes to air out and dry quickly. The multi hanger is also easy to use, simply hang it over a door or on a rod and start organizing your closet!

Benefits of magic hangers closet space saving:

  • Saves space: You can hang three times as much clothing in your closet with the help of this magic hangers closet space saving.
  • Dual-mode: Hang magic space saving hangers from one of its hooks. To use it as a space saver, and rotate the body down to make it vertical. However, hang it with both hooks to form a horizontal shape if you want to use it for basic hanging.
  • Crease-free clothing: Regardless of how you use it, these magic space saving hangers ensure that your clothing is kept at a safe distance from one another to avoid creases.
  • Universal: All hanger kinds, including wooden, plastic, and metallic ones, are compatible.


  • Capacity of 5 cloth hangers.
  • Size: 16 x 2.6 inches (41 x 6.8 cm) approx.
  • Available colors: Black, white.


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