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Magic Fire Powder | Campfire Color Changing Fire Powder

Are you looking for a way to make your campfire experience even more magical? Look no further than Magic Fire Powder, Campfire Color Changing Fire Powder!

This amazing product adds a touch of enchantment to your campfire, changing the flames into a beautiful array of colors. With its safe also environmentally friendly properties, this powder is perfect for any outdoor party or beach bonfire.

Benefits of the Magic Fire Powder:

  • Mesmerizing Visual Spectacle: By adding this Color-Changing Fire Powder to your campfire, you can transform an ordinary bonfire into a magical and eye-catching display. Watch as the flames dance in vibrant hues, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle that captivates everyone around.
  • Effortless Transformation: With this powder, you can effortlessly transform your campfire’s appearance. Simply toss the powder into the fire, and within minutes, you’ll witness a magical metamorphosis. The flame’s color will start changing, shifting from one beautiful hue to another, creating a captivating also dynamic display.
  • Enhances Ambiance: The Color-Changing Fire Powder adds an enchanting ambiance to any outdoor gathering. Whether you’re camping, hosting a backyard barbecue, or simply enjoying a relaxing evening under the stars, the vibrant colors of the flames will create a unique and inviting atmosphere.
  • Travel-Friendly Packaging: The powder comes conveniently packaged in individual pouches, making it travel-friendly also easy to store. You can take it with you on camping trips, picnics, or any outdoor adventure, ensuring that you can enhance your campfire experience wherever you go.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: The Magic Fire Powder is designed to be safe for use in campfires and fire pits. It is non-toxic and does not produce any harmful fumes or residue. You can enjoy the mesmerizing color-changing flames without worrying about any negative effects on the environment or your health.
  • Great for Entertainment: Whether you’re hosting a party or simply spending time with friends also family, the Color-Changing Fire Powder is an excellent source of entertainment. Everyone will be amazed by the enchanting display and enjoy the unique experience it offers.
  • Creates Lasting Memories: The magical and captivating flames created by the Color-Changing Fire Powder will leave a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses them. It’s a memorable addition to any outdoor gathering, ensuring that the experience will be cherished also remembered for years to come.


  • Material: Metal.
  • Color: Colored.
  • Size: 5 pcs of 0.02pound (10g) each.

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