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Lazy Shoe Helper

This unique and amazing shoe-wearing tool would be the best purchase of your life to save you from touching the shoe with your hands. No need to bend over; sit straight over a couch, fit this lazy shoe helper into your shoe collar, and pull it to slide your foot into the shoe within a second without even touching it with a finger.

Benefits of Lazy Shoe helper

  • Non-breakable plastic-made shoe helper
  • No need to touch your shoe to wear it
  • It can be very easily clipped into any shoe
  • Super fine quality with no sharp edges
  • Specially designed shoe helper for older people and pregnant women
  • It prevents the bulging and stretching of the shoe while pulling it to fit in the foot


  • Smooth and non-breakable plastic made shoe helper
  • Made up of high-quality polypropylene material
  • Specially designed in a curve shape to prevent shoe bending while pulling
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • It can fit in every type of shoe


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