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Laser Level Line Tool

Do you need help getting accurate measurements for your home improvement, or construction projects? The Laser Level Line Tool is a multifunctional tool that can help you hang shelves, cabinets, tiles, and picture frames with ease.

With its three pronged approach, this laser level tool is designed for any situation where accurate measurements are needed.

The Laser Level Line Tool comes with one level, one plumb, and one 45° bubble for determining the horizontal and vertical plane. This tool also includes an 8-foot measure that includes imperial and metric linear measures, with graduations down to 1/32″.

For added convenience, the Laser Level Line Tool also comes with a built-in bubble level and LED light for better visibility in low-light conditions.

To use the Laser Level Line Tool, simply turn on the power button and select the desired mode. Then, use the laser level to project a horizontal or vertical line onto the surface that you’re working on. For best results, hold the laser level steady and use the built-in bubble level to ensure that the line is level.

If you’re looking for an accurate and easy-to-use laser level, this is the perfect choice for you. It can make on your next home improvement project!

Benefits of laser level line tool :

  • Level (0°): This feature allows you to create a perfectly level surface.
  • Plumb (90°): This feature allows you to create a perfectly vertical surface.
  • 45° Bubble: This feature allows you to create a surface that is level and plumb.
  • 8-foot Measuring Tape: This feature allows you to measure surfaces with precision.

Specifications :

  • Size : 7.3×2.5×1.1 inches (18.5×6.2×2.8 cm)
  • Color : Black


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