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Labor-saving 3-Jaw separation bearing device

Have you ever needed to separate a bearing from its shaft, but found that it was too difficult to do so? Our Labor-saving 3-Jaw separation bearing device is here to help!

This device is designed to make the process of separating a bearing from its shaft quick and easy.

Benefits of the Labor-saving 3-Jaw separation bearing device:

  • Versatile Application: We designed the 3 Jaw Gear Puller to remove various components such as pilot bearings, pump bearings, and bushings. We can reverse each of the three 3-jaw gear also bearing pullers to efficiently extract parts from both the inside and outside.
  • Bearing Puller: Wide range (0.6″-1.5″ dia.) & labor-saving. Our design generates strong pulling force with a small wrench turn, reducing effort.
  • Highly compatible Puller Set: Ideal for automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, pump, generator, and machine bearings.
  • High Quality: The 3 Jaw Extractor features a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish, ensuring its durability also longevity. We forge and heat-treat the jaws with steel, providing superior strength. Additionally, we cover the drive screw with phosphating, enhancing its strength and contributing to the long-term reliability of our gear puller.
  • Long-term Use: The 3 Jaw Design of this bearing device applies even pressure during the extraction process, effectively preventing any damage to the bearings. It is constructed using chromium-vanadium, a material known for its high hardness, good toughness, also durability, ensuring the device can withstand extended periods of use.


  • Material: Carbon steel.
  • Color: Black.
  • Size: 7.87*5.31inch (20*13.5cm) Approx.


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