Kiwi Peeler | Kiwi Cutter

Kiwi Peeler | Kiwi Cutter

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  • Best peeler tool for you kiwis
  • Can peel and slice Kiwi fruit in half easily
  • Quickly cut your kiwi fruit for salads, fruit bowls, and other dishes
  • Mess-free
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy-to-clean

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The kiwi peeler is a tiny, solid, and effective kitchen equipment created to make slicing the Kiwi fruit in half easier than using a knife. This tool has a long handle that is comfortable to hold and is made of food-grade stainless steel.

Additionally, the blade is sharp, making quick work of chopping the kiwi fruit. For cutting kiwi fruit for salads, fruit bowls, and other dishes that call for kiwi fruit, use the Kiwi Cutter.

Benefits of kiwi peeler or kiwi cutter:

  • Kiwi is peeling mess-free: Kiwifruit is easily peeled and chopped with this instrument of kiwi peeler. You can prevent sloppy drips by keeping the liquids inside the whole kiwi skin. Utilize one simple item to reduce the number of filthy utensils. To use the kiwi tool, cut your kiwi in half. Enjoy precisely cut and peeled kiwi after giving it a quick twist.
  • Simple fruit salad: Kiwis may be easily quartered and added to fruit salads or eaten as a nutritious snack. With a fast hand turn, the easy two-step method will produce beautifully prepared kiwi. With this handy tool, you may speed up the meal preparation process by removing the skin and cutting into pieces of uniform size.
  • Simple handle: You can slice and peel the kiwi while holding it comfortably due to its curved grip. Fruit preparation is simple and quick due to the tool’s distinctive design, which helps you maintain a solid grip on it as you work.
  • Dependable design: A strong kitchen kiwi cutter made from tough nylon and stainless steel wire will last through countless kiwi slices. This tool will function dependably as you peel and cut different types of kiwi into quarters since it has a smooth nylon top and strong, resilient stainless steel wires.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 2.7 x 2.7 inches (7 x 7cm) approximately.
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