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Keychain Power Bank

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to charge your phone, but you don’t have a power outlet nearby? Look no further than the Keychain Power Bank!

This compact also convenient device is the perfect solution for all of your charging needs.

Benefits of the Keychain Power Bank:

  • Power up and extend the life of your devices with this product 1500mAh internal battery also shared output power.
  • Furthermore, this power bank is compatible with both Type-C and Apple interfaces, making it a great choice for any type of phone.
  • Clip it to stay powered also keep it in your pocket or purse.
  • Can be a lifesaver in emergencies, providing power when you need it most.
  • Moreover, take the ultimate adventure companion with you everywhere. It’s compact, convenient, and even features pass-through charging.
  • The keychain design makes it easy to attach the power bank to your keys or bag, ensuring you never forget it.
  • Additionally, the sleek design and durable materials make it a stylish and practical accessory for any adventure.
  • Can charge your devices quickly, so you can get back to using them in no time.


  • Material: PVC.
  • Size: 2.7*1.6inch (7*4cm) Approx.
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh.
  • Color: Black, Pink.
  • Applicable mobile phone interface: Apple iPhone iPad etc, Type-C for Samsung and other mobiles and tablets.


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