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Home Dust Removal Gloves

Dusting is a daily task that is easy to accomplish. Some people like to dust using clothes. However, little do they know how much it damages your hands and makes them prone to bacterial infection. That being the case, you can use these home dust removal gloves.

They are highly efficient and protect your hand from damage. You can wear them and fit your hands in any place for cleaning without being anxious about your hands getting dirty and dry. Moreover, these home dust removal gloves only cost a few bucks but serve a great purpose.

Benefits of Home Dust Removal Gloves

  • Hands-off experience: Although you’re using your hands for cleaning, your skin won’t come in contact with the dusted area.
  • No more dry hands: With Home Dust Removal Gloves, no more dust will stick to your hands and won’t make them dry.
  • Washing-friendly: These gloves are washing-friendly and can be used several times before throwing it away.
  • Comfortable: It comprises non-woven fabric and bamboo fibre, making it incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Versatile: You can use it for cleaning in various ways, like cleaning utensils, window panes, and more.


  • 8″ x 10″ (5 x 20cm) universal size, suitable for all hand sizes
  • Non-woven fabric and bamboo fibre material
  • White color
  • 10pcs per package


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