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Professional Micro Steam Iron Portable Mini Handheld Hanging Ironing Electric...

Ironed clothes are always necessary, whether going on trips or living at your place. Most stream irons are oversized and occupy a lot of space—that’s why you cannot carry them in your baggage. You can use this professional micro steam iron to make your clothes crease-free in just a few minutes.

The all-new professional micro steam iron is highly efficient and saves your time and hassle. All you need to do is plug it in the outlet and iron clothes anytime and anywhere.

Benefits Of Professional Micro Steam Iron

  • Hand-held iron: This micro steam iron isn’t massive like your average iron. You can effortlessly hold it in hand to iron your clothes.
  • Ergonomic in nature: The mini steam iron is designed to be user-friendly and won’t strain a customer’s hand after hours of use.
  • Lightweight: You can hold this iron for long hours without feeling a slight discomfort due to its lightweight.
  • Extremely versatile: You can use this professional micro steam iron to iron clothes, curtains, bed sheets, and more.
  • Leakage-free: The mini steam iron container is leak-proof and sprays only when activated.


  • It has a 150cm cord.
  • A 100 ml water tank capacity.


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