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Halloween Bat Lanterns | Bat Lamps Lights

Halloween is just around the corner, and now we can see people entering the Halloween spirit. Now, people will start decorating their homes with cute and spooky decorations—one of the decorations that you to decorate your house is the Halloween Bat Lanterns.

The Bat Halloween Lights are perfect for putting around the staircase to decorate the door with some fun light. These lights are very easy to use and make your home bright and illuminated. Therefore, these are the perfect lights around your home this scary season.

Benefits of Halloween Bat Lanterns:

  • Illuminate the Home: These halloween bat lanterns are perfect for having dim and soft light around the house. It is not the bright light that irritates the eyes. Therefore, this is an excellent light for this season.
  • Perfect Halloween Decoration: This is the best decoration for this Halloween. The bats give a spooky feeling and perfectly lift the home’s vibes.
  • Easy to Use: The hanging bat lantern is very easy to use. The lights work on battery; hence you don’t have to worry about charging these lights. You can conveniently place it anywhere without struggling to take the cord to the socket.
  • Comes with a Timer: halloween bat lanterns also comes with a timer you can set when you want the light to turn on and off.


  • Size : 6.5 x 3.5 inches (17 x 9 cm)
  • AAA batteries not included
  • Resin Material


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