Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat Roll On Seeded Grass Growing Carpet Mats

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Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat Roll On Seeded Grass Growing Carpet Mats


  • 1 ROLL (120 inches)
  • 2 ROLLS (240 inches)
  • 3 ROLLS (360 inches)
  • 4 ROLLS (480 inches)
  • 5 ROLLS (600 inches)

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  • Create the Perfect Lawn Easily – Just Roll, Water, and Grow!
  • All in one growing solution
  • Simply roll, water, and watch it grow
  • Biodegradable grass seed mat
  • Perfect for sun, shade, and slopes

Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat is your new all-in-one growing solution that makes everything easier. All you need is to roll out the mat on your preferred surface, water it thoroughly, and watch it grow.

It’s perfect for all lawns, no matter what climate it is! It produces fast germination and uniform growth.


  • ALL IN ONE GROWING SOLUTION – ‘All-in-One’ Grass Seed fabric Fertilizer and Mulch in one easy-to-use ‘roll out’ growing system. Every seed is perfectly placed at 120% of its recommended planting rate.
  • SIMPLY ROLL, WATER, AND WATCH IT GROW – Every roll create an All-in-One grass-growing solution. Our Repair roll growing system stays green, even in extreme conditions of dense shade or scorching sun.
  • BIODEGRADABLE GRASS SEED MAT – Can be folded again, the product itself without seeds is a degradable fabric; The role is to prevent seeds from being washed away by water; Heat preservation; Moisturizing; Shading; Play a full role in the seedling. Biodegradable Fabric prevents seeds from washing away making it cheaper, easier, and lighter than traditional sod.
  • 20 SQUARE FEET PATCH N REPAIR ROLL – Our product is super lightweight and easy to roll out and revive weak grass areas. Our Seed Roll aggressively spreads and thickens for a durable lawn.
  • PERFECT FOR SUN, SHADE, AND SLOPES – Designed for full sun and dense shade has a fine-bladed texture and medium to high drought resistance.


?Appearance and texture of grass looks & feels like real natural grass. Performance yarn for greater resiliency, high-temperature resistance, fade resistance, and superior durability.
?Drains well, dries well.Non-toxic.Safe for pets and children.Low Maintenance.

?No mowing, No watering, No fertilizers, easy to clean and can be dry quickly and mildew proof.
?Perfect for Outdoor rugs, such as a Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Deck, Porch, and another outdoor place.


  • Laying out our grass is very simple. Simply mark and dig out an area, lay out the base, roll out the turf, and seal the matter.
  • Each roll is 20 cm x 300 cm (8 in x 120 in)
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    This is not our first order from US America and we are happy each time

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    All is good , thanks

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    The product is firmly packed.

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    Cool Perfect. 

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    very good! I love it! I recommend it 100%