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Glow In The Dark Basketball Net

Do you want to take your basketball game to the next level? With the glow in the dark basketball net, you can do just that! This net is self-illuminated and glows fluorescent green in the dark, so you can keep playing even when the sun goes down.

The net is made of high-quality materials and is built to last. It’s also easy to set up and take down, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • Help you aim: If you are playing basketball at night, you might struggle to find the net because of the darkness. But with this glow in the dark basketball net, it is effortless to find the net and aim toward it.
  • Makes the game fun: Now you can make your basketball look cooler and aesthetic with this glow in the dark net. This can be a unique addition for basketball lovers.
  • Spike interest: If the players are bored while playing the game, this is perfect for spicing it up. You can use the basketball hoop and allow the students to throw in it to make it more glowing.


  • Made of fluorescent green material.
  • Size: 17.7 x 12.6 inches (45 x 32 cm) approx.


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