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Genshin Cat Scaramouche Plush Cute Puppet Scaracat Sacramew

Indulge in the cuteness of Genshin Cat Scaramouche Plush – the ultimate Cute Puppet Scaracat Sacramew for fans of Genshin Impact!

Moreover, this adorable plush puppet is perfect for children and adults alike. Furthermore, it features a soft, short plush material and is filled with PP cotton for maximum comfort. With its 22CM dimensions, it’s the perfect size for snuggling also playing. Plus, it’s certified CE and features a movie & TV design, making it the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

Benefits of the Genshin Cat Scaramouche Plush:

  • Entertainment: Plush toys can provide hours of entertainment, especially for children, as they can be used for imaginative play, storytelling, and cuddling.
  • Decorative: Genshin Cat Scaramouche Plush can also be used as decorative items to enhance the aesthetics of a room or space.
  • Stress-relief: The soft and cuddly texture of Cute Puppet Scaracat Sacramew can provide a calming effect, reducing stress also anxiety.
  • Collectible: For fans of a particular show, game, or character, plush toys can be collectibles that add value to a collection.
  • Gift: Plush toys can be given as a gift to someone special, such as a child, a friend, or a significant other, to show love also appreciation.


  • Material: Soft Plush & PP cotton.
  • Color: As picture.
  • Size: 8.66inch (22cm) Approx.


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