General Purpose Digital Multimeter

General Purpose Digital Multimeter

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  • Perfect for DIY & professional electrical projects
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection
  • Accurate Measurements
  • Durable & Built-to-Last Design
  • Perfect Tool For Any Level Technician
  • Weight: 0.24Pd, 112g Approx.
  • Size: 5.62×2.75×0.6inches (143.4*70.9*15.7mm) Approx.


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Do you need an easy-to-use digital multimeter for general purpose use? Look no further than the General Purpose Digital Multimeter!

This device is perfect for DIY electrical projects, and it is certified with FCC, and RoHS for safety and quality. This advanced multimeter is designed to be used by professionals in a commercial setting, or DIYers that need more from their digital multimeter.

In addition, With features like non-contact voltage detection, accurate measurements every time, and a durable and built-to-last design, this is the perfect tool for any level technician.

Benefits of the General Purpose Digital Multimeter :

  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement: With a range of 0-620V, you can easily measure both AC and DC voltage.
  • Auto Range: This multimeter has an auto range function for easy and accurate readings.
  • Accurate Measurements: The General Purpose Digital Multimeter is designed to measure voltage, resistance, capacitance, and more with incredible accuracy.
  • Auto Range Mode: This device features an auto range mode. As a result, it allows you to switch between different ranges with ease.
  • Smart Device: This digital multimeter is also a smart device, allowing you to connect it to your phone or tablet.

Specifications :

  • Weight: 0.24Pd, 112g (without battery) Approx
  • Product size: 5.62×2.75×0.6inches (143.4*70.9*15.7mm) Approx
  • Frequency: 1Hz~ 60KHz


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