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Furniture Rollers 5-Piece Moving Set

Are you looking to make furniture moving easier? Look no further than the Furniture Rollers 5-Piece Moving Set!

This set is perfect for moving heavy pieces of furniture with ease and convenience. Also It comes with 4 rollers and a crowbar, and is lightweight and portable. Moreover this set is also easy to store, as the 5 parts can be kept separately.

Further more with the Furniture Rollers Set, you no longer have to carry or drag your furniture. Just attach the rollers and use the crowbar to move them around!

Benefits of the furniture moving rollers :

  • Easy to Use: Moving heavy furniture is made easy and convenient with this product. Attach the rollers to the base of the furniture and use the crowbar.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The set is lightweight and easy to carry around. Also it comes in 5 parts so they are easier to store.
  • High Quality Material: The furniture moving rollers panel is made of PS, also the turntable and wheel is made of ABS, and the handle is made of PVC.

Specifications :

  • Material: Metal + ABS.
  • Color: Red.
  • Package: 5 Pcs.
  • Size: 13.38*2.75in (34.5*7.3cm) Approx.


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