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Furniture Lift Mover Tool Set

Moving your furniture from one place to another is a big hassle. But now you don’t need to worry because we have the Furniture lift mover tool Set for you. The Furniture lift mover tool Set is the perfect to have in your home to assists you in moving all the furniture likes bed, cupboard, refrigerator etc. around the home without using a lot of energy.

It will help you move your furniture without damaging it. This is also easy to store and does not look very weird in the store.

Benefits of Furniture lift mover tool Set:

  • Moves the Furniture: This set makes it effortless to move bulky and heavy furniture around the house.
  • Works with Big Furniture: This is ideal for moving big furniture and electronic appliances around the home. The wheels underneath the moving tool can bear about 150 kg, which is ideal for heavy furniture.
  • Safe Rolling: This furniture moving set has pads on the panels that make it very smooth to move. Because of these pads, the furniture won’t fall, making the process faster and easier.


  • Ideal for lifting the furniture
  • Plastic and Iron materials are used
  • Color : Red
  • The maximum load carried is 150 kg


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