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Fun Enamel Pin Badge

Are you looking for a fun way to express yourself? Look no further than the Fun Enamel Pin Badge!
This stylish accessory is the perfect way to add a bit of flair to your wardrobe. With a classic round shape and vibrant colors, this pin is sure to make a statement.

Benefits of the Fun Enamel Pin Badge:

  • Expressive Design: Playful Emotion Wheel pin with rotating design showcasing six emotions – ME, YOU, IT, THAT, OFF, or THIS – adding charm.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Metal pins with hand-painted oil coating for authentic allure.
  • Versatile Style Companion: Interactive color wheel pin elevates fashion, suits outfits, hats, jackets, dresses, backpacks.
  • Gift of Expression: Thoughtful sentiment for anniversaries, Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations, holidays; speaks volumes.
  • A Source of Comfort: Creative pin offers serenity, relieves stress discreetly.
  • Personal Connection: FUN Emotion Wheel pin – humor for uncertain moments.
  • Effortless Placement: Attach to jackets, hats, backpacks for unique style.
  • Mood-Capturing Charm: Mirror mood effortlessly with seven emotions for each day.
  • Inspirational Gifting: Mood pins strengthen bonds, offer comfort, convey understanding.
  • Unique Enamel Artistry: Soft enamel, silver locking back – aesthetics and utility.
  • Interactive Sentiments: Sentiment pins spark conversations, inspire connection.


  • Material: Metal.
  • ٍSize: 1.08in (2.75cm) Approx.


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