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Fridge Emptying Dredger and Cleaning Set

Have you ever wished that you could easily and quickly clean out your fridge? Now you can with the Fridge Emptying Dredger and Cleaning Set!
This set includes all the necessary tools to make cleaning out your fridge a breeze.

Benefits of the Fridge Emptying Dredger and Cleaning Set:

  • Hose Hygiene Simplified: No more hose worries! Our set’s brush cleaner swiftly eradicates bacteria and stains from lengthy tubes, enhancing kitchen safety and cleanliness.
  • Taste Enhancement Tool: Elevate dishes with our brush cleaner. It stops stains and bacteria, preserving flavors. At 155 cm (61 inches) long, it’s perfect for fridge drains, car sunroofs, and more.
  • Gentle & Effective: Our set’s design includes a tubular brush with nylon bristles for safe cleaning on copper, vinyl, or PVC pipes. Outstanding results guaranteed.
  • Easy Angles Mastery: Conquer corners easily! Our hose brush bends to clean awkward angles, leaving hoses spotless. Durable for long-term, rigorous use.
  • Simple Cleaning: Our set’s flexible handle and brush effortlessly clean hoses. Insert, scrub, and withdraw for a thorough cleanse, reaching deep into drains.


  • Material: PVC & Nylon + Stainless Steel.
  • Size : Syringe: 3.38oz (100ml) / Tube: 59.05in (1.5m) Approx.
  • Package Contents:
    • 1*100ml Refrigerator Drain Remover,
    • 1*1.2 m Long PVC pipe for clogging,
    • 1*1.5 m Stainless Steel Spring Refrigerator Drain Brush,
    • 1* Ice scraper,
    • 1* Drain plug.


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