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Floating Hair Filtering Mesh Removal

Wearing tidy clothes gives you a good-looking and refreshing feeling. Simply throwing the filter bag into the machine and using the floating hair filtering mesh removal method cleans and dusts off the debris from the clothes.

Picking up the hair-filtering mesh removal and using it to wash your clothes while removing lint, hair, and fur provides you satisfaction in cleaning clothes every day. Coming across this effortless method gives you a provision of cleaning clothes efficiently.

Benefits of Floating Hair Filtering Mesh Removal:

  • No damage caused: The floating hair-filtering mesh removal pouch won’t damage your garments because it won’t attach to them or yank on their threads. Your clothing stays intact.
  • Multiple applications: This filtering mesh remover is perfect for removing mesh from lace, leather, linen, satin, and other textiles.
  • Effortless usage: It’s simple to utilize this mesh catcher. Simply place it on the water’s surface while running the laundry through the washer. It will collect lint, hair, fur, and dirt. Hold this catcher till you finish your laundry, remove the trash, and then place it in the trash.


  • Material: polyester.
  • Color: pink, blue and white.
  • Size:  17.5*9.2cm.
  • Weight: 25g.


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