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Fire-Breathing Dragon Steam Release Accessory | Instant Pot Dragon Steam Diverter

Everyone wants something different in their home that they can brag about. Fire-Breathing Dragon Steam Release Accessory is the perfect thing to have in your kitchen. This is a unique and fun streamer that with catch everyone’s attention.

you can be add this to your pressure cooker, and it looks like the dragon is blowing fire out of its mouth. This is a cute thing just to have fun in your kitchen.

Benefits of Fire-Breathing Dragon Steam Release Accessory:

  • Protection: This Fire-Breathing Dragon Steam Release Accessory is not like the other pressure releasers. The typical steam-releasing accessories release the steam upwards, which can damage the cabinets and walls. But this instant pot dragon steam diverter releases it sideways, protecting your cabinets.
  • Used with all pots: The instant pot dragon steam diverter can be used with any kind of pot. The design is made to fit all the pressure cookers and even the pots.
  • Dishwasher Safe: You can easily throw it in the dishwasher with the rest of the crockery and clean it easily. You can even add soap and water because it is totally waterproof.
  • Good for Gift: This can be an amazing gift for a person who like to collect different and unique things for their kitchen.


  • Black color is available
  • BPA-free material


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