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Fall Hand Pie Molds

Are you tired of making the same boring shape pies in winter? Get your hands on Fall Hand Pie Molds and shape your dough into beautiful festive shapes. This is much more convenient in making perfectly sealed, beautifully shaped pies that are attractive for kids and adults alike.

Benefits of Fall Hand Pie Molds

  • Fall Hand Pie Molds has made cutting, sealing, and rolling-out dough into neat hand pies much easier!
  • For secure sealing of the pie, these molds come with a hinged design for dual crimping.
  • You can use the bottom of the molds for cutting patterns on the top crust to allow steam to escape during baking.
  • Just shape the dough by cutting it with the outside of the mold, put the cut-out dough into the mold, add your favorite filling, close the mold, and that’s it! You have sealed your pie into a neat and beautiful shape.


  • Made with food grade material
  • Available in shapes : Apple, Pumpkin and Acorn
  • Dimensions for Apple Pie are: Apple: 11cm x 10.5cm x 4.3cm/4.33″ x 4.13″ x 1.69″ (Approx.)


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