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Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch

Have you been looking for a unique way to show off your pup’s personality? This Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch is the perfect solution!

With its detailed design and vibrant colors, this patch is sure to make your pup stand out in a crowd. Plus, it’s easy to apply also stays in place all day.

Benefits of the Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch:

  • The Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch offers a fun and personalized way to show off your love for your pet. It can be easily ironed onto any garment, messenger bag, or hat, allowing you to customize also enhance your favorite outfits.
  • Applying this patch is a breeze. Simply adhere it to any fabric garment using a hot iron. You can unleash your creativity and experiment with different placements to showcase the patch in unique also eye-catching ways.
  • Applying the Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch is a quick process. Just place the patch embroidered-side-up on your shirt, cover it with a cloth, also use a hot iron for 30 seconds. Then, iron the inner side of the shirt. It’s a simple and hassle-free way to add a stylish touch to your clothing.
  • This patch can be used on various fabric items, making it versatile also adaptable to your preferences. Whether you want to spruce up your t-shirt, backpack, jacket, or cap, this patch can easily be applied to any compatible surface, allowing you to showcase your love for dogs wherever you go.
  • The Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for dog lovers. It allows them to display their affection for their furry friends in a fashionable also personalized manner. It’s a charming present that can bring joy also style to their wardrobes.


  • Material: Embroidered Cloth, Adhesive.
  • Size: 3.15*2.56inch (8*6.5cm) Approx.


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