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Electric rotating scrub brush

It is disappointing to see dust in the corner right after cleaning the entire house. Get this rotating Scrub Brush to avoid such unpleasant moments. The automatic feature of the spin brush bathroom cleaner meets your need to keep running until you finish your task. If you wish, the spin cleaner brush will not stop until the eradication of every dust particle.

The thoughtfully designed brush gives a good grip on the hand and saves time and effort. Get this high-quality multifunctional brush to make your cleaning time worthy.

What you will get:

  • Durable: ABS resin and aluminum construction make it highly durable, ensuring a long run. The addition of silica gel and polypropylene material ensures that the brush can endure every trivial or medium accidental fall, pushes, and pulls.
  • Make cleaning convenient: The spin brush bathroom cleaner adds to your ease as its long cord easily reaches every high place your hand cannot reach. It requires minimum strength for operation while reducing your burden of cleaning.
  • Different brush head: The rotating scrub brush includes three different brushes for various purposes. The round brush is excellently functional for bathtub or sinks cleaning; the pointed corner brush is perfect for walls and window cleaning. Lastly, the flat brush is best for floor, tile, stove, and oven cleaning.
  • Ergonomically design: The thoughtfully designed bathroom spin cleaning brush can effectively spy every dust particle in range to screw out. It not only saves time but also effort in rubbing.
  • Lightweight: The spin brush bathroom cleaner┬áis ultra-light and easy to carry. The minimum weight of the spin brush bathroom cleaner┬áreduces the possibility of damaging the shoulders and wrist.


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