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Electric Fly Trap

We love to keep fruits on display, as it reminds us to eat them. However, with sweet fruits comes numerous flies, which can irritate you. Therefore, use this high-quality electric fly trap. The electric fly catcher is safe and easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t use harmful chemicals to get rid of flies.

You can use this electric fly trap not only at home but also at restaurants, kitchens, farms, and more. It is environmental-friendly and only causes you a few bucks.

Benefits of Electric fly trap

  • Multi-grid bait spot: The electric fly catcher has a multi-grid bait slot to trap the flies efficiently.
  • Long-lasting battery life: It can efficiently perform well for long hours without any problem.
  • Flies cannot escape: Due to the escape-proof design, flies will trap in the device until you throw them away.
  • Noise-free: Despite the efficiency of this flycatcher, it doesn’t produce loud noises. Instead, it does its work without causing you irritation.
  • Free from chemicals: It is free from all harmful chemicals and doesn’t spray them to work.


  • Size is 6.5 inch / 165mm
  • Color : Black
  • PP material
  • 2 Pcs bait package included : You can also vinegar, sugar or fishy smell as bait.
  • USB Cable Without Plug


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