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Elderly Assist Bed Rope Ladder

Do you need a reliable and safe way to help elderly or disabled individuals get in and out of bed? Look no further than the Elderly Assist Bed Rope Ladder!

This bed ladder assist is designed with 6 nonslip hand grips and a handle strap rope ladder to provide extra stability also support for individuals with limited mobility.

The Caddie Helper Sitting also Sit Up Hoist model is perfect for elderly seniors, injury recovery patients, pregnant women, and handicap disabled individuals.

Benefits of the Elderly Assist Bed Rope Ladder:

  • The Bed Rope Ladder is a simple but practical tool that provides numerous benefits to individuals with limited mobility, allowing them to perform simple movements on their own with assistance.
  • Ideal for bedridden or injured individuals, it enables basic bed movements and independent sitting up.
  • We ensure easy customization of the bed ladder’s length to fit all bed sizes, accommodating the needs also preferences of various individuals.
  • We craft this rope ladder from durable cloth material, designing it to withstand the weight of an adult and ensuring its sturdiness also long-lasting durability.
  • Soft, non-slip handles for easy and comfortable gripping, ensuring safety and stability during movement.
  • Recommended for seniors, pregnant women, post-op recovery, and limited mobility, this Bed Rope Ladder assists a wide range of individuals.
  • We can effortlessly install, remove, also transfer our Bed Rope Ladder, making it a convenient tool that we can easily adjust also utilize as needed.


  • Material: PVC, Nylon Webbing.
  • Color: Black.
  • Size: 75*9inch (190*23cm) Approx.


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