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Egg Peeler | Egg Shell Remove | Creative Egg Peeler

Are you tired of struggling to peel hard-boiled eggs without making a mess? Look no further, because the Creative Egg Peeler, Egg Shell Remover is here to make your life easier!

This innovative tool is designed to quickly and efficiently peel eggshells, making it perfect for use in the home kitchen or catering industry.

Benefits of the Creative Egg Peeler :

  • Quick Eggshell Peeling: Say goodbye to tedious and messy egg peeling. With this tool, you can easily remove the eggshell from hard-boiled eggs in no time, making them ready to eat or add to your recipes.
  • Simple Operation: No complicated steps or techniques needed. Simply tap, place, and press to pop the eggs out through the hole. While there may be a little bit of eggshell left on the egg, most of it will peel off, saving you time and effort.
  • High Quality: Made of durable PP material, this Egg Shell Remover is built to last. It is also easy to clean, ensuring that it will be a reliable tool in your kitchen for a long time.


  • Suitable for hard-boiled eggs
  • Easy to clean


1. Tap the top and bottom of the egg first.
2. Place the egg on the tool’s hole vertically, with the larger side downwards and the smaller side upwards.
3. Press down quickly and the egg will pop out through the hole.


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