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Dust Mop Slippers | Slippers For Cleaning The Floor

It’s so commonplace to clean your floors using mops and brooms! This is how it has always been done. Stop wasting time by getting the dustpan and broom out! While you move back and forth from the sofa to the fridge, down the hallway to the bedroom, and back, these dust mop slippers will sweep up those dust bunnies for you. They are comfy enough to wear every day.

Simply go out of your regular activities as usual while wearing these convenient microfiber mop slippers, which will take care of all the work for you! They fit the majority of adult feet and are ideal for bachelors, college students, and compulsive multitaskers.

Benefit Of Dust Mop Slippers

  • Clean any floor with a quick swipe
  • One of the softest and most absorbent microfibers on the market
  • Perfect for bachelors, college students and obsessive multitaskers
  • Unique ergonomic design fits most adult size
  • Soft microfiber mop slippers for a gentle wash.
  • Fits most adult sizes with a compact design that won’t take up too much space in your dorm or apartment.
  • Leave slippers for cleaning the floor by the door, and easily mop up any stray dirt on your way out of the house.


  • Crafted from supple microfiber
  • Innovative mop heads.
  • Ideal for singles, students, and compulsive multitaskers
  • Most adult sizes


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