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30 pcs Transparent Dried Flower Bookmarks Set

Are you looking for a beautiful and creative gift for your plant and reading lover friend? There can be no better option than Dried Flower Bookmarks Set! This charming set contains bundles of pieces of bookmarks featuring beautifully dried and compressed flowers.

Assembling bookmarks is a fun and creative activity for kids; gift them a and let them play while observing nature closely. Moreover, let’s have a look at the detailed description of this beautiful product, an exquisite substitute for boring bookmarks.

Benefits of Dried Flower Bookmarks Set

  • Dried Flower Bookmarks Set boasts a collection of bookmarks featuring dried flowers, and each bookmark is handmade.
  • These bookmarks are thin, ensure the protection of the paper, and don’t wrinkle.
  • The dried and compressed flowers used are clearly visible from the bookmarks.
  • Want to indulge your kids in a fun activity? Gift them these and let them be creative when making beautiful bookmarks.
  • It’s also a perfect gift for your plant and reading-lover friends.
  • These are durable and waterproof; what else do you need? Grab yours now!
  • You can also get bookmarks without dried flowers, but the ones featuring dried flowers are truly eye-catching.


  • Made with high-quality plastic material
  • Have geometric design
  • Size of each 8-14cm
  • One package includes 30 pieces
  • Packaging size 6.7*14cm


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