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Donut Cat Cave | Donut Tunnel Cat Bed

Cats need a comfortable and relaxing place to rest. However, due to their paws, providing a comfortable place becomes impossible. Not anymore! This donut cat cave is soft, comfortable, and compact. You don’t need ample space to fit your cats. Instead, you can use this to provide your cats with an ideal hide-and-seek environment.

It has a claw-resistant material, making it highly durable and suitable for energetic fights and playtime. Your cats can use his donut cave cat house both inside and outside. They can sit at the top and even play hide and seek inside the tunnel’s passage.

Benefits of Donut cat cave

  • Dust resistant: This has a dust-resistant material, which keeps the bacteria away from your pet so that they stay healthy and strong.
  • Durable and Scratch-free: The donut cave cat bed is made from high-quality, scratch-resistant nylon threads. Now, you don’t have to worry about your cats’ sharp claws as the bed is exceptionally durable and can withstand sharp scratches.
  • Excellent peek-a-boo toy: The hollow tunnel body of the donut cave cat bed gives your cats a sufficient amount of exercise and mental stimulation, which keeps them active.
  • Enhances their sleep: Your cat will be able to sleep safe and sound in this. Due to its unique design, your cat will be able to curl comfortably and sleep without a problem.


    • Material nylon
    • Color dark and light gray
    • Size : 20″ x 8″ (50cm x 20cm)


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