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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set

This gorgeous DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set includes a beautiful Christmas themed gift blind box, so you can hide small surprises behind each of the 24 numbered doors. By December 24th, your little one will have an entire Christmas playset!

Each day, your kids, girls, or lover can open a window and receive a different charm. Countdown the days until Christmas Eve with this special set.

Benefits of DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set:

  • Charms: There are 22 charms in total, 1 for each day leading up to Christmas (24 items including the bracelets).
  • The charms are all different and unique, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the countdown.
  • Bracelets: 2 bracelets are included in the set, one for each wrist.
  • The bracelets are made of high-quality materials and are adjustable to fit any wrist size.

How it works :

  • To use the DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set, simply open up the numbered compartment windows starting from December 1st.
  • Inside each window, you will find a different charm.
  • Collect all 22 charms and put them on the included bracelets. So, on Christmas Eve, you will have a beautiful and unique bracelet set to wear.

Here’s what our customers are saying :

  • “My kids loved this set! They were so excited to open up a new window each day and see what charm they got. It made the whole experience even more personal and special.”
  • “I bought this set for my girlfriend and she loved it! She said it was the best Christmas gift she’s ever received.”
  • “I was so excited to give this set to my daughter. She loves bracelets and was thrilled to get a new one each day leading up to Christmas. The quality of the materials is excellent and I know she’ll be able to wear these bracelets for years to come.”


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