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DinoSwift Set – Soar with the Anti Gravity Dinosaur Car

Are you ready to take your kids on an exciting prehistoric adventure? With the Soar with the Anti Gravity Dinosaur Car, you can gift your kids not just a toy, but a journey of boundless dreams.

Watch their eyes light up as the anti-gravity dinosaur car glides effortlessly on our exclusive flexible race tracks, embodying the spirit of hope and limitless possibilities.

Benefits of the Soar with the Anti Gravity Dinosaur Car :

  • Cultivate confident learners (Cultivate kids’ patience and perseverance in completing tasks)
  • Develop cognitive, creative skills & spark imagination (Ignite their creativity and imagination)
  • Enhance problem-solving abilities (Learn to put and flexibly build the colourful racing tracks together)
  • Increase focus and attention span (Experience endless hours of fun and excitement)
  • Learn patience and persistence (Every playtime is a reminder that dreams can truly take flight)
  • Safe, durable, and child-friendly materials (Safe, durable, and child-friendly materials)


  • Includes 96 PCs
  • Flexible race tracks
  • Anti-gravity dinosaur car
  • Child-friendly materials


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