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Digital Measuring Cup

Cooking dishes requires endless trials of measuring ingredients. Also, it gets very confusing when you have ounces metric tools, but the recipe measurements are in pounds or cups. What if I told you that you could do all measurements within a single tool? Yes, you got that right! The digital measuring cup is what you need.

Now, you no longer need to perform complex exchanges to get the quantity right. Instead, use these multipurpose cups  to attain correct and precise measurements.

Benefits Of Digital Measuring Cup

  • Perform exhange: You can convert ounces into volume.
  • Indications: It has a low-battery warning that can alert to recharge the device.
  • Easy to clean: You just need an ordinary dishwashing soap to rinse the residue out of the package to get a crystal-clear measuring cup.
  • Measure Hot temperature food: You can measure food up to 120 degrees, which is over the boiling point of water.
  • Automatically shuts down: The digital measuring cup can shut down itself.
  • High liquid measuring power: It can measure up to 600ml of liquid.
  • The digital measuring cup is available in three stunning colors.


  • Material of cup: PC
  • Material of handle: ABS
  • 160 x 125 x 13.6 mm size
  • ERR (Overload display)


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